Mohamed Mahmoud Sons Group conglomerate with its first company established in 1895 
Egypac was established and started manufacturing corrugated boxes
Elf paper mill opened for production of test liners and fluting paper
New Finepac was merged with Finepac which led to the doubling our production capacity.
Interpac launched a corrugator with a capacity of 60,000 tons annually.
Present day: A new paper mill with a capacity of 23000 tons annually was inaugurated.


MM Group is a family business that has been in the market for over 120 years.
Founded in 1895, the group has succeeded in positioning itself as a market leader in manufacturing, trading and distribution.
MM’s core values are focused on family traditions, with an emphasis on impeccable business ethics and highest quality standards. We owe our success in part to the communities we serve and to our team of professionals. The preservation of our planet and the bettering of our environment is one of our most cherished values and ensures the safety and health of our society.
With an outstanding reputation in Egypt, MM group has been very active in Industrial as well as commercial businesses and has maintained an unshakable presence in the market.
Being in the Packaging industry for more than 43 years has helped us build a substantial and solid reputation as a competitive, efficient and reliable packaging provider.


To use the latest technologies coupled with an impeccable attentiveness to market needs; to introduce to the market new and premium quality products in larger volumes with more competitive prices.


To be the leading integrated paper and packaging solutions
provider on a regional and global scale.


MM Paper & Packaging boasts an impressive list of both global and regional clients, specializes in many different industries that serves Egypt and exporting to many countries.
This has helped us gain great experience, knowledge in positioning ourselves as market movers.



We have set the bar high in terms of quality and we aim at maintaining our standards to meet our loyal client’s expectations.


We apply energy saving methods in technology and we use less water in the production process. We have an active recycling program that aims at aligning our business goals with the reduction of our carbon footprint.


Loyalty is one of our most important values, we like to work together with our partners, suppliers and clients to problem solve and achieve goals.


We believe that credibility is our most important asset for lasting and fruitful business relationships. We have been in the market since 1975 and have ever since accomplished many of our milestones and significantly grown our portfolio.

MM Group has received many certificates including