for manufacturing of liner and fluting medium

The Egyptian company for liner and fluting ELF is one of the biggest factories in Egypt and the first test liner and fluting medium paper plant in the middle East .

ELF employs over 350 people.

It Is located in the tenth of Ramadan industrial city, 50 kilometers north of Cairo.

In many ways we are a recycling plant, turning scrap into liner and fluting paper.

Our huge fleet of trucks collects scrap paper and other trashed materials from the cities’ garbage dumps. The scrap paper is transformed to recycled paper and again shipped out to other factories in Egypt, middle east and Europe as raw materials for various finished products.



we manfacture 3 grades of liners (TL1,TL2,TL3) to comply with relevant requierments of all products. Our liner starts from 105 gsm to 200 gsm.
We guarantee a unique performance of our liner which works in different categories of boxes.


we manufacture a specialized fluting to be used in fruit and vegetable boxes to ensure its durability. Our fluting grades start from 105gsm to 200gsm. We have different types of fluting to guarantee its unique functionality.

Elf is built on a total area of 55,000 meters. At a full capacity ELF is capable of producing 100,000 tons of test liner and fluting medium paper annually.

ELF has earned a reputation as a highly innovative manufacturer that is always concerned with helping preserve our environmental resources.