for the manufacture of corrugated boxes.

Originally known as Finepac and based in 10th of Ramadan,the plant was opened in 1983 to support the growing demand for corrugated boxes in Egypt.
In 2004,a second plant was built next door and primarily contained converting equipment to support Finepac facility. In January 2009, a new high speed corrugator was installed in the second facility and the two plants were merged to create what we know today as “New Finepac”.

New Finepac is well known for its expertise in exporting

We are currently exporting about 2000 tons monthly of corrugated boxes to many countries such as Ghana,UK and France.

With a capacity of over 300 million square meters, two high-speed corrugators and a full array of the most up to date converting equipment, it is the most advanced corrugated plant in Egypt. The plant produces 90 thousand tons annually.
Operating 24 hours per day across three shifts, the plant stands at the forefront of our industry in Egypt in terms of Quality, service and cost.
It also has the capability to print up to five colors with converting capacity to produce regular cases, rotary die-cut cases, flat bed die cut cases and stitched cases.

Over 450 employees are dedicated to providing round the clock services to our customers using the most advanced equipment. New Finepac is very well known for its service, flexibility and qualithty that meet all customer’s requirements.

We are concerned to provide our customers with the highest standard of quality and service.

Certificates for New Finepac is
ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18801, BRC&FSC